How often should I sealcoat my driveway?
You should consider Sealcoating your driveway every 2-3 years. Do not Sealcoat every year! Some people do this to maintain the aesthetic value, but are actually causing more harm than good. Asphalt is a moving material that needs to breathe. "Over Sealing" will eventually cause "Spider Cracks" through the driveway that  will actually cause an unpleasant appearance. These cracks do not cause further damage to the driveway, but make your driveway appear like there are cracks when in reality it is the sealcoating material that is cracking.

Why should I sealcoat my driveway?
If you properly maintain your driveway, it can last roughly 20 years. Asphalt driveways are made up of 5% asphalt/bitumen cement and 95% aggregates (stone, sand, and gravel). Over time the bonding elements that hold the aggregates together, tends to deteriate. This deteriation is mainly caused by traffic, and weather. Have you ever wondered why some driveways are grey? The answer is that the bonding element has officially faded away and the stones are completely exposed to the elements which will cause cracking and damage to the sub-base of the driveway. Sealcoating is the process of applying the bonding element back to the aggregates to make sure that they don't seperate. You are essentially adding a protective barrier over your asphalt to protect it from traffic, rain, snow, ice, and any other damaging element. Sealcoating regularly will avoid the costly process of having to get your driveway re-paved or completely recycled into a new driveway.  

What is the material being applied to my driveway?
If you see a driveway that has a nice dark mate black color once dried, that is Coal-Tar Emulsion. If you see a driveway that has a shiny black with a "glitter" effect to it once dried, that is Asphalt Emulsion. If you see a driveway that is "smooth" with no coarse texture, that is usually a Latex Material that was bought from Home Depot. We use Coal-Tar Emulsion. This is the material that is used for almost every commercial lot, airport, and government building.

Will the material "Smooth" out my driveway?

Coal-Tar emulsion will not smooth your driveway out. It will actually keep the texture of your driveway the same as it was before. Coal-Tar is mixed with water and once it is exposed to the sun, the water evaporates. When the water evaporates, the material then begins to cure. After the Coal-Tar cures it will leave behind a dark hard barrier on your asphalt to protect it. The texture of your asphalt will not be affected by Coal-Tar.

Why shouldn't I just do it myself?
Although we have much respect for the people who are willing to get down and dirty in the baking sun and do it themselves, we strongly recomend that you get a professional to do it. The main reason for this is because the material that we use is not available for sale in stores. The material you will get from a Lowes or Home Depot is almost always latex based and will actually cause more damage over time. The latex materials are beautiful and leave behind a great aesthetic view, but do not allow your driveway to breath. This material usually is something that will also smooth out your driveway which will actually become slippery when wet. Over time the latex material cracks and leaves behind an unpleasant appearance to your asphalt. Most of the time this appearance is not reversable without using MORE latex material to fix it. I've never seen a commerical parking lot or business use the "buckets" or the latex material, why should you use it for your driveway? These buckets that are sold at home improvement places are actually quite expensive, and having a professional do the job doesn't cost that much more. We recommend that you at least get a few quotes before you decide to do this. Another reason why we recomend having a professional do the job is because the material is not as easy to apply as some would think. Sealcoating material can sometimes be unpredictable. This will lead to the Sealant getting on your garage, sidewalk, curbs, plants, and anything else that might be surrounding your asphalt. Doing it yourself will almost always cost more in the long term!

Why are some "companies" so much cheaper than others?
We all know that guy that comes around every year with a pick up truck saying "I just finished a job in the area and have extra material, I can do yours now for $100". Be cautious of the "fly by night" contractor. Are they licensed? Are they Insured? Do they have a website? A business card? An actual Business name? The answer is most likely "No" to all or most of the above.
These "fly by night" contractors use material that is cut down with gasoline or other additives to make your asphalt appear nice, but have no actual protective value. They usually work out of the back of a pick up with no equiptment, because they either can't afford it, or do not truly care about providing a quality product with proper application.

Can you fix the cracks in my driveway?
Yes! We use contractor grade hot-pour crack filler to fill 90% of the cracks we come across. This is the same material that is used at all airports, parking lots, and government buildings. If the crack is too small or doesn't allow us to use this material than we will use a cold-pour crack filler.

Are you liscensed and Insured?
Yes, we are both liscensed and insured! We always carry copies of our insurance info, our business liscense, our contractor liscense, and our door to door sales liscense. Ask us to see any of the info above and we will gladly provide!

Do you accept credit/debit cards?
Yes we accept all major credit/debit cards. We are capable of swiping the card at the door, or you can pay us over the phone! Give us a call to make a payment using one of these methods.

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